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Tammy Halliday
Experienced Doula / Birth Assistant Certificate 4 in Doula Support Services

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Australian Doula College Member


Rachel Micah and baby Sofie

What a roller coaster ride this was for everyone involved!!! LONGEST, HARDEST LABOUR EVER!!!! I would have to write a book to describe everything that happened during this birth, the amazing way Rachel coped, the incredible way Micah kept it together and made informed decisions for his family, the new things I personally experienced during it, and the euphoric joy we all felt when, after 48 hours, Sofie arrived by caesarean, safe and sound.

Rachel and Micah actively planned for a natural, drug free labour, while trying to be as realistic as possible about the unpredictability of birth.

Rachel had the opportunity to experience active labour at home using movement and varying positions, walking around outside with the sun on her face, watching black cockatoos in the trees above her, tried the bath, slept between contrx and felt the natural endorphins and oxytocins caused by hard labour.

At the point she was ready, she went to hospital where she used the shower, and the fit ball, aromatherapy, and activity. She experienced cordless and wired foetal heart rate monitoring, 8 bags of IV fluids, gas, artificial rupture of membranes, thick meconium in water, back pain from the posterior position of the baby, water injections, Maxalon injections, foetal scalp monitoring, scalp lactates, syntocinon drip, epidural, catheter, spinal block and finally a caesarean section delivery of her beautiful, healthy daughter Sofie. She went through 5 shifts of midwives, 2 shifts of doctors, was seen by a resident, registrar, and obstetrician and 3 different anaesthetists!!!

If anyone is in a position to discuss any procedure that you may be faced with during labour, Rachel’s that woman. My heart is so full of pride and awe of this amazing lady, and the way she managed this incredible journey.

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