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Tammy Halliday
Experienced Doula / Birth Assistant Certificate 4 in Doula Support Services

all Melbourne areas

Australian Doula College Member


Angie, James and baby Bowie

When i look back on Bowie’s birth I can hardly believe it went so well. No drugs, rather short, not even any stitches…the perfect birth for my perfect little bundle of joy…and there’s no way we could have done it without our wonderful Doula Tammy!

I was initally very frightened of birth, and had even considered elective caesarean, but my friend Lauretta had used Tammy as a Doula and she recommended her wholeheartedly, and I also read “Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth” which strongly advocates having a Doula to enable the birth you want, and I am so glad that we decided to, as I truly believe Tammy is the reason I was able to stick to my birth plan, and “zone out” so completely, knowing I was in good hands. Her constant reassurance and knowledge kept me calm and all the preparation we did together helped me know what to expect through all the stages of labour. She also guided my husband in how to help me and that was an immense relief for me and for him. I felt like Tammy was my protector and that she would help me find my voice in the hospital environment which was an incredible relief to me as sometimes I have trouble being assertive, especially in new and frightening situations.

I believe that my labour was able to progress so quickly because I was really able to “let go” and not be frightened, to ride the contractions like waves, and to put into practice all the things Tammy had taught me. I was absolutely convinced after my lead-up sessions with Tammy that I could have a smooth birth and I channelled that positivity through the entire labour. I also believe that Tammy’s policy of staying home as long as possible (assuming everything is going well!) was another reason that I was able to progress so quickly and things went so well. In fact things went so well that even Tammy was surprised that I was so far advanced in labour as I went through transition relatively quietly, and we ended up having to high-tail it to the hospital through red lights as I was ready to push Bowie out in the car!

Tammy was also an incredible physical help to me throughout my labour with the aid of heat packs, massage techniques, as well as rescue remedy and making sure I was hydrated, which helped me to stay focussed through even the most intense contractions. I’m sure she was glad it was a relatively quick first labour (only about 6.5 hours of “established labour”) because I’m sure I wore her out with my demands!

I was terrified of tearing during labour and Tammy helped me to address these fears and to do all the preparatory work I could…which certainly paid off as I managed to come off stitch-free much to my delight! She even gave me lots of advice on trying to avoid stretch marks, which I religiously put into practice, and that also paid off. Thanks Tam!

Tammy also established a good rapport with my Obstetrician who although being a lovely man was initially a little alarmed by the prospect of a Doula, as he'd had some quirky experiences before. But in Tammy’s usual style she won him and the other hospital staff over.

I don't believe that Bowie’s wonderful birth was good luck, I firmly believe that it was the result of intense planning, alot of mental and physical preparation and obeying all of the good advice from Tammy regarding diet and exercise, posture, relaxation, mental attitutude, perineal massage etc

Tammy is a wealth of knowledge, and a beautiful warm caring person. If you are frightened of any of the aspects of giving birth, or just want to have the best birth possible for you, your baby and your partner, you absolutely must have a Doula, and I can't imagine that there is a better one than Tammy.

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