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Tammy Halliday
Experienced Doula / Birth Assistant Certificate 4 in Doula Support Services

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Baby Oliver

Baby Oliver

After having an intervention full birth with our first beautiful son and PND I decided that when I had my second baby that I would enlist a doula to work with us to achieve the best possible birth experience. I should just say here that I am actually a midwife and believed when I had my first son that I “knew” all there was to child birth and that I would know how to give birth. I realised I was very far from the truth.

I researched many different doulas and was relieved to find Tammy who is a mother of five beautiful children and had experienced many different births in her own personal mothering journey. Our first meeting with Tammy confirmed that my husband and I had made the right decision and that we would work together as a team to accomplish my dream of an empowering birth experience.

Over the next few months we discussed my previous birth and how we could implement strategies and learn to believe that I could do it.

Two days after my due date my waters broke. I had been having acupuncture and chiropractic work to change the baby’s posterior position. I did not go into labour straight away, so I was back and forth to the hospital for fetal monitoring for the safety of the baby. 24 hours after my waters had broken the hospital informed me that I needed to be induced the following morning in case I or my baby developed an infection. As my first son was induced, I was hoping at all costs to avoid this. Tammy was on hand to talk about what my opinions were and to empower me to make a decision that I was happy with. She visited us at night with her ‘wonder pills’ to try and bring the labour on and turn this stubborn baby. Nothing was working and although I wanted to avoid an induction, I didn’t want to put my baby at risk. I decided that I would be induced the following morning.

As fate would have it I went into labour at 4.30am the following morning! It was full blown labour from the first contraction and the first phone call my husband made was to Tammy who came to our home to support me. Two hours after labour started I headed to the hospital after a harrowing car trip (with me facing backwards). I was loud and moaning with each contraction and they were coming thick and fast and all in my back. Having a TENS machine on helped enormously and Tammy was able to show my husband where to put pressure on my back to help with the contractions. The pain felt unbearable and with each contraction I felt I was losing control, however Tammy continued to ground me. The doctor wanted to check how far dilated I was but I was so scared he would say I was 2cms that I wouldn’t let him.

From the work we had done with Tammy antenatally, I was able to recognise the stages of labour that I was going through without anyone saying a word. As transition passed I finally agreed to the Dr doing an internal examination. It was the only one I had during labour and confirmed that I was fully dilated however the baby was in a direct posterior position.

I hobbled over to the toilet to help the baby turn and within two contractions I could feel him starting to crown! From here it was like a silence hit the room. I moved onto a birthing stool and as the Dr came into the room my baby’s head was just starting to make his way out. It was the most serene experience ever. As I slowly birthed my baby I realised that I had done it. Five hours after my first contraction Oliver Henry had arrived weighing 7lb 10oz. I had achieved everything I had set out to achieve and had the most amazing birth experience ever!

I would never have believed I could do it after my first son’s birth, but Tammy helped me to believe and have faith that I could do it. Although Oliver was sick with a lung infection when he was born, he recovered fully and is the most happy and content baby boy. Our beautiful baby Oliver had arrived and I wouldn’t change a moment of his birth, pain and all.

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