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Childbirth Preparation Workshop

The Childbirth Preparation Workshop is a two-day course run over 2 Saturdays from 9.30am – 4.00pm

Cost: $400 per couple

Please click here to email me or call me on 0425 775 406 for details of the upcoming workshop dates and vacancies.

Click here to download the Chilbirth Preparation Workshop Registration Form.

Child Birth Preparation Workshop Outline

Topic –Expectations and Pre Labour including:

  • The importance of identifying pre labour
  • What does it mean to ‘relax into labour’?
  • Starting a Birth Plan

Fear, Pain and Communication including:

  • Pain relief, natural and medical
  • Visualisation
  • Support at the birth, partner and doula
  • The way we communicate

1st Stage labour including:

  • Active labour
  • How the partners can help in 1st stage of labour
  • Breath in 1st stage labour

Transitions and 2nd Stage including:

  • Behaviours associated with transitions in life and labour
  • Partners role
  • Facts and fears surrounding 2nd stage
  • Perineal massage
  • How to stay in control

3rd stage labour, Vaccinations and Meeting your Baby! Including:

  • Cutting the cord
  • Your first 90 minutes with your baby
  • Vitamin K and Hep B vaccinations
  • What can you do with your placenta?

 Baby and Beyond including;

  • Breast feeding
  • Dad’s Role
  • Sleep and settling
  • Baby blues and PND

Prepare for Childbirth

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