Childbirth Preparation & Education
Childbirth Preparation Workshop
VBAC Support Workshop
Childbirth Preparation Workshop

Childbirth Preparation & Education

So many parents approach the birth of their baby feeling overwhelmed by all the opinions and stories, confused by the plethora of information, and fearful of the unknown.  Most hospital childbirth education classes are by necessity generic and often overcrowded.

Welcome to Mothering the Mother’s childbirth preparation!

Come on a journey to discover how you and your baby are designed in an inspiring way.  Learn to anticipate the miraculous poetry of what happens during the birth process. 

Tap into the intoxicating hormone cocktail that can ensue when a woman is supported to birth her baby calmly and intuitively. Discover an incredible array of natural pain relief options that you can use at home and in hospital.  Learn about medical pain relief options and common interventions, their risks and benefits, and which ones feel right for you.

Why do extra childbirth education other than the free hospital provided workshops?
9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Independent Birth Education



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