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Placenta Encapsulation

Use your encapsulated placenta to ... Balance your hormones! Enhance your milk supply! Increase your energy!
Capsules are a discreet and palatable way to maximise your placenta's benefits.
The first few days and weeks with your new baby are precious. Help things flow more smoothly by embracing the wonders of your precious encapsulated placenta.

Balance your hormones.

Nearly 80% of mothers experience the “baby blues” in the first days and weeks after giving birth. Some of those women may develop postnatal depression. Many women feel that this is all part of the journey of motherhood, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Placentophagy, or consumption of the placenta, has been reported for centuries to help with the baby blues, postpartum fatigue and breast-milk production.

The placenta contains vitamins and minerals that may help fight depression symptoms, such as vitamin B6. The placenta is also considered rich in iron and protein, which are useful to women recovering from childbirth.

Although clinical trials on human placentophagy are in their infancy, what we do know is that women who take placenta capsules report fewer emotional issues, have more energy and tend to enjoy a faster, more pleasant postpartum recovery.


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Important Dislaimer 
Please note: Mothering the Mother’s Encapsulation services have not been evaluated by the TGA and are not meant to prevent, treat or diagnose any disease, illness or symptoms. Clients understand that they are assuming all risks and benefits based on their own research and belief of the placenta's healing and nutritional properties.
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